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His Majesty's mighty melodies


1964 Was my first gig with a group called "The Elizabeth Wilcox, Third Grade, Flute-a-phone Ensemble."  As much as I would like to report our triumphant rendition of "Flight of the Bumble Bee," in the saddening fact, it was a very screechy attempt at Twinkle, Twinkle, but we received a very warm reception from all the mothers.  In all fairness,  dogs howled until they could howl no more and cats gave up all nine lives within  a 12 mile radius, yet even as the encouragement ensued, I never got my picture on the cover of the Rolling Stones.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS came and went through the years but a few of them have remained my favorites, the others just became memories. I have no problem falling in love with my guitar every time I pick it up, but there is a joy and a certain energy in my bass that gets invited back to jam,

Ecc 1:17-18

At best, we are all just wind chasers.