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Meet Susan & Rod

It had been over 29 blissful years since we swapped vows and this one particular morning was a peaceful ride to church listening to praise and worship when Susan casually reached up and turned down the volume of Joshua Aaron. She announced that our 30th anniversary was coming up and it was no casual occasion. The "BIG 30" should be celebrated with some sort of special vacation to "SOME EXOTIC PLACE."  I nodded in agreement as the wheels inside my head started to turn, "EXOTIC?"  Yes, they were turning indeed but unfortunately, we reached the church before I could offer up any solution to her riddle and again, weeks went by before it finally hit me like a hot kiss on a blind date.  Again, we were driving to church, really we talk during the week but it wasn't the perfect time, but now was the perfect time to share. I was welling up with the anticipation of her reaction to my epiphany of monumental proportions when I announced, "I know where we should celebrate our 30th anniversary."

I knew......… "First she would squeal with excitement and clap her hands 'til they hurt and beg me, "please, please tell me what wonderful destination you have chosen for us, that I know will be perfect, just as soon as I hear it from your lips,"  

But there was only silence as I felt her inquisitive stare as I gathered up enough composure to announce, "HAWAII!!!" Still, the stare. I was confused, she said Exotic I heard her. I heard her say it," some place exotic... But, when she finally responded, "That would be nice, TOO."  

My Spirit committed harry-carry as I was cut to the quick. when I finally regained composure enough to inquire, "That would be nice too"?  Where else is there, that you would consider exotic enough for our 30th anniversary?"