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Bible Babes

The term "Bible Babes" might conjure up the idea of women only.  This has been the case recently.


Babes incorporates all persons who have not completely grown up or understand everything read, especially in this instance, regarding God's Word.


At some point in all our lives we have been babes.  We all had to be dependant on our parents for everything.  Then we were dependant upon our school teachers. Whom at one point we felt were the smartest people in the world. 


I remember my mom telling me a story about when I was in the 1st or 2nd grade.  My teacher told the class to bring 10 pennies when we came back the next day.  Well, when I got home, I immediately told my mom about the assignment the teacher gave to us  and of course she relayed the message to my dad.  


Daddy, gave me a dime but I wouldn't take it, why you might ask, because that was not what my teacher asked  the class to bring.  Well, my mom tried to explain the dime was the same  as  10 pennies that I was asked to bring, but  of course being only 7 or 8 years old, that didn't make sense to me.

You're right in the next event.  Mommy sent daddy to the store to get me 10 pennies, just to shut me up...

Then we go to college to prepare us for adulthood, we listen intently to what our professors must share regarding what we need to know for our chosen profession, only to realize that was not what we really needed to know after all.

So, you see, we all have been babes at one time or another in our life. 

However anytime we need to learn something new we are still babes.  We must learn to scoot, crawl, and eventually walk upright, but more importantly we fall in order to grow from milk drinkers to meat eaters.  None of us will ever be born to know everything.