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AFFILIATE MARKETING will afford us the support of select vendors by offering you availability to products and services through this site that we have researched and approve. (Definitely looking forward to road testing a banana Slicer.) It is our great joy, every time someone joins with us, HOME IS WHERE YOU CHOCK YOUR WHEELS.                                Rod Brown
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WWW.BetterRG.com is all about leaving the sticks and bricks behind and seeing , hearing tasting, and smelling, exactly where Better Roams and Guardrails leads us.

Never being the one to faithfully lead the way, at least not in the right direction, I realized there was a better way and someone better to lead...  Still, I had 40 years of following the wrong path and reaching for the wrong future, realizing that although my motives were honorable, I did not possess what I needed to blaze my own trail.  I had no idea what I was doing, so I have endeavored to find the right answers.

My efforts were less than complete, lacking that final push that whatever achievement I pursued, the simple truth is, success only comes through complete sacrifice and sacrifice only comes with surrender.

Simple prayers are always the best; 

Lord, As I am prone to make mistakes, let me neither repeat them quickly  nor so often). May we all become transparent reflections of Your grace, mercy, and will..